NCM Associates HealthCheck

Help your dealership reach its full potential.

Using a complex algorithm, the HealthCheck system creates a point-in-time valuation of your business. And, because it compares your current performance against specific franchise, sales volume and regional NCM® Benchmark® data, it also identifies additional opportunities for growth and improved profit.

Calculate your dealership’s worth.

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Safeguard your legacy with HealthCheck:

  • Instantly access dealership value
  • Identify key business drivers
  • Uncover growth opportunities

Protect your legacy.

Never again be surprised at a valuation. NCM regularly updates HealthCheck with current market and franchise data, meaning you get an appraisal each and every month.

Take a peek at a few of the reports available through HealthCheck. Click the images below to enlarge.

Discover your dealership’s true value.

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Create context for your dealership’s value:

  • 300+ NCM Benchmark data points for evaluations
  • Regional data sets
  • Valuations based on franchise

Does your dealership make the grade?

HealthCheck scores your financial health in five key areas: cash, revenue, expenses, compensation and profits. Each segment is given a letter grade—A, B, C or D—based on NCM’s vast collection of franchise-specific, regional and volume-based benchmarks.